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Birkenstocks On Sale
Birkenstocks On Sale Birkenstocks On Sale

Welcome to the Birkenstocks On Sale website. The idea for this site came about from my desire to own a pair of Birkenstocks but not have to pay hundreds of dollars for them. My friend owns two pair and swears by them. She  even takes them in to be resoled when needed because she doesn't want to have to part with good friends.

A little history about the Birkenstock brand. Johann Adam Birkenstock was the first of the Birkenstock shoe dynasty declaring himself a shoemaker in 1774. His grandson, Konrad Birkenstock, developed the first contoured insole for custom made shoes in 1897 and in 1902 he produced the first flexible arch support for shoes being made in the factories. Karl Birkenstock took the idea of the arch supports and in 1964 the first Birkenstock sandal was born.

An American traveling in Germany in 1967 learned about these amazing shoes first hand when she bought a pair and it helped a chronic foot condition she had been suffering from. Margaret Fraser returned to the United States and immediately set up a trading company to import and sell these fabulous sandals and shoes.

The natural appeal of these shoes is the comfort they provide to professionals who stand on their feet all day. Doctors and nurses across America took to the Birkenstock brand as soon as word got out about them. The cork and rubber footbeds shape themselves to the wearer's foot as the shoe becomes more and more broken in. This allows for a natural gait when walking rather than the foot trying to adapt to the shoe.

Birkemstocks are expensive shoes but well worth the price for the comfort and feel you get from wearing them all day long. They are also extremely versatile and will give you years of service. The best thing about owning a pair of Birkenstocks is knowing that you bought your Birkenstocks on sale. You can find suppliers with the best prices online right here on the site.

Here's to Happy Feet!