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Birkenstocks On Sale
Birkenstocks On Sale Birkenstocks On Sale

The Boston Clog is an original Birkenstock shoe. While the Birkenstock Arizona sandal can be worn year round some prefer to switch over to the warmer clog for the cooler months.

 The company has done it again offering different colors and styles of the basic clog for men, women and children. What you notice most as you are shopping for your Birkenstock Boston clog is that there are shoes for tradespeople who are on their feet the most. For example, there is a white clog for men and women which is perfect for anyone in the medical field. Chefs and cooks on their feet all day will relish the comfort of the durable black clogs built specifically for kitchen wear and tear.

The Birkenstock soft footbed, a relatively new breakthrough from the company, has been added to the Boston Clog.  The soft footbed actually allows the shoe to conform or mold to your foot faster than the regular Birkenstock shoe. This drastically cuts down on the length of time it takes to "break in" your new Birks.

Clogs can be worn any time of the year but if you are a real Birkenstock fan you'll have your Arizona sandals for summer and your Boston clogs for the winter. Most of the clogs feature a natural wool upper to keep your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The natural lanolin in the wool provides water repellant capabilities to ensure the long life of your clogs.

The Boston clog will celebrate its 35th anniversary in 2012. The popularity of this shoe and its brand have made it a mainstay of footwear for women, men and kids.